A downloadable game for Windows

Take on the Exilus challenge by solving random, but unique puzzles as efficiently as possible!

The goal is to destroy all non-black cubes, before they fall off the cliff.
If any black cubes are destroyed, or non-black cubes fall off the cliff, the platform will be cut shorter, leaving you with less room to play.
Green cubes are the key to successfully solve the puzzles efficiently, as they enable you to destroy multiple cubes at once. But be careful, as you could also destroy black cubes!

Inspired by I.Q.: Intelligent Qube aka Kurushi.

Please bear in mind that the game is still being shaped, and feedback is very much appreciated!

Thanks for playing!


  • Requires a DirectX 10 capable video card, or higher
  • Compatible with Xbox/XInput-conforming gamepads


Exilus 1.2 (154 MB)


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a Single Handed developed masterpiece.

Great work

great looking and challenging game, nice dude